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ECR is a non-profit organization represented is 40 countries worldwide. ECR's goal is to serve the principles of efficient response to the consumers' demands in collaboration with leading retailers and manufacturers.

ECR's mission is "Working together to create sustainable value for consumers – better, faster and at less cost".


Zenith Training and Development

Zenith Training & Development is a training company based in Dublin, Ireland and focused on delivering high-quality training courses and coaching to our clients. At Zenith, they bring the best of knowledge in psychology, coaching and training tools to support their clients' growth.


Taylored Development

The company offers a wide spectrum of business solutions for enhancing the competitive advantage of its clients.

Taylored Development helps to develop communication and business strategies, evaluate business opportunities and estimate ROI. The bottom line of its work is the measurable and progressive increase in the value of its clients' business.



GfK is one of the TOP-5 largest marketing research companies in the world. It boasts more than 13 000 experts working in over 100 markets worldwide.

GfK is able to answer the key questions about brand experience and perception. Their research takes you all the way across the consumer trends through to customer's experience and to what and why people buy. GfK offers insights into involvement of target audiences within every channel.



Consumer research is at the heart of Nielsen's business. The company is active in consumer research in 47 European countries as well as in 100 countries worldwide to give you the deepest insights into consumer behavior and media habits. Nielsen is constantly developing widening its geography, researching new groups of consumers, finding new ways of channeling your ideas into profit generation and business growth.